“Club for Youth Empowerment 018” (KOM18) was established in 2007. and registered in 2008. a non-profit, non-governmental and non-party organization. Aims of the organization are capacity building of youth, promotion of intercultural values, education, democracy, human rights, with the special focus on children and women rights, as well as rights of youth, non-formal education, mobility, EU integrations, culture with specific focus on street art, inclusion of minority and marginalized groups in the society, economical empowerment of youth, healthy life styles and environment protection, as well as the active participation of young people on all levels of social life.

Mission of KOM 018 is to empower young people through development and implementation of different programs to actively participate in the life of the community and solve their problems and needs in order to contribute to improvement of quality of life for young people and local community.

Vision of KOM 018 – organization of strong resources as a reliable member of society and society where all young people develop their own potentials and actively participate in life of their community and general society.