13 May, 2017
Univerzitet Niša, Banovina, Join us

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KOM 018 organizes the final conference of “Creativity Creates Change” project from 11.05.2017 to 14.05.2017 in Nis, Serbia, where together with our partners from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Albania, Belgium and Ireland we will present the activities and results of this 14 months long project. Project included sharing of the good practices of using creative methods in youth work and how to use creative methods in the promotion of positive social values – in this case combat against hate speech, so young people from these 8 countries had an opportunity to work and create using photography, graphics, hip hop dance and music. KOM 018 is the project leader and implements the project in cooperation with: Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency (SPPMD) – Macedonia, International Development Alliance – Bulgaria, Red Cross Novo Sarajevo – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Do-Lo-Ri – Albania, Greenways SCE – Greece, Eurobug – Ireland and Du vent dans les cordes ASBL (DVDLC) – Belgium. Project is co-financed by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union.

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